Building vessels today require a lot of courage, knowledge and innovativeness. Not only because of environmental requirements and regulations – but to secure a competitive edge for the future! If you don’t keep up today, you will risk not being part of tomorrow’s shipping.

The vision of sailing emission-free vessels has been embraced by the whole Swedish shipping industry, as well as the rest of the world.

In this case study, we tell the story about when Carl Fagergren, Naval Architect and Project Manager at Wallenius Marine, and his team got a great challenge from UECC. This is what they needed:

  • A modern and efficient Ice Class 1AS
  • Short Sea PCTC’s with low emission footprints
  • Compliance with the requirements for sulphur emissions in the Baltic Sea.

In only three years time, the team managed to launch the very first High & Heavy LNG for operated ships.

Download our guide “Designing the future” to read the whole story, and Jan Thore Foss, Head of Ship Management and Head of Newbuilding at UECCs, thoughts.